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currently re-reading my sixth year thread
with a moaning mytle crying a bit.

Anonymous ;  
Fun fact: I was once at a convention where someone cosplayed Draco, and I cosplayed Hermione. Eventually, the person who cosplayed Draco - whom i didnt know at all - bumped into me. Then out of fucking nowhere he just suddenly kneels down and ties the shoelaces he'd accidentally stepped apart. The most hilarious part was when he stood up and said 'don't let this become a habit, Granger' and walked away, I swear to fucking god I have a crush on the dude who cosplayed an asshole


i just.

that’s adorable.

one time i cosplayed as female!Draco and just went around insulting people and making friends by using rude puns. This story of yours is better

Quotes from the Harry Potter Books [9/50]

I found a place I will call home

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who runs moaningmxrtle because I miss u

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miighthave| Astoria Greengrass |


                 she frowns, disliking him in that moment, but hating herself even more.
                 he was all toothpaste smiles and empty promises and jokes that she didn’t
                 didn’t find funny until three hours later. he was WRONG, daphne had been
                 right. he was wrong for her, but in a completely different way. he was wrong
                 in the way that he said her name and he was wrong in the way that he spoke,
                 so blatantly, so honestly. he was wrong in the way he felt, in the feelings he 
                 owned, the hearts that he wove, with his fickle smiles and thin fingers. he
                 was wrong, because he was real. he was  all  emotion  and  heart  and soul,
                 even if they were not in the right place, and she was not. she was  c  o  l  d,
                 and EMPTY and worn-down, fraying around the edges, stained & weathered,
                 for time had not been kind. he is, she thinks, a better person than she. so —
                 yes, she found him interesting, in a curious museum-piece sort of way. he
                 made her think, made her thoughts spit out madness and nonsense, made
                 her run and walk and laugh and speak, for the first time in weeks.

                                                 ❝  two compliments in one hour,                                                                                          do you treat everyone like this ? ❞

                 she doesn’t answer his question ———- his demanding statement, the
                 whatever-this-was in his words. no, she just looks at him, like that, all
                 raw and honest, her words not harsh or unkind but … curious. curious
                 because it’s the first time she’s had a conversation in weeks, curious to
                 see if he’ll bite or bark or smile — unpredictable, he seems to be, with a  
                 catastrophe under his skin. there’s a tragedy under her own, and she 
                 wears it like a badge of honour. i SURVIVED myself, it screams, i LIVED
                 with the car-crash of a soul i was given, the second-hand heart i own.

                                    ❝  i’d rather be interesting than
                                         nice, i suppose. anything but that.  ❞

                 thoughtfully she speaks, her thoughts twisting and turning and biting
                 in her head —— her face no longer so … empty. it’s softer now, more
                 kind in the light, head tilted slightly, hair moving slightly in the wind,
                 the last few remaining drops of water clinging to the hair that framed
                 her face. she is not completely human, no. she’s both machine and
                 alien and angel and demon. she’s shadow and rubber and glass, she’s
                 strange, because she has to be. for to become normal was another 
                 h           e     ll,                                               all together.

               Oh, shut up. ❞

     The classic response  for those who lack a more creative answer
       to something that offends them. Draco did not like how she twisted
       the purpose of his words. It made him feel like he was under a spot-
       light he had no desire to be under, despite how this was his show
       and he was the actor of this barmy stage set up for him his entire
       life. They wanted well-written lines, masks, and conflict. He would
       rather direct those around him —— have the chess board in his hands
       for once. Life didn’t work like that. He was always the pawn. Let her
       be angry, let her be offended.  He’ll simply GRIN in SATISFACTION.

      Then again,  he is a bit worried.  S H U T - U P , two words that are
       a command for silence. She was probably told that often, why else
       would she be closed off? The answer is she silenced herself. He
       is worried. Not because he’ll offend her, no. He lacks compassion 
       for that sort of thing. He is worried, struck with apprehension because
       he doesn’t want her to stop talking. She is a book he is in the process
       of analyzing ; a difficult text with small print and complicated structure.
       It makes it frustrating. It makes her beautiful in a way, he soon figured.

     SO HE LAUGHS —- his voice ringing the air lightly as though he just 
      delivered a weak punchline that lacked injury. He smiles and glances
      at her, empty promises painting his entire face as she remained as 
      v a g u e  and   c o m p l i c a t e d  and   i n t e r e s t i n g  as ever.

              I’d say  the same  for myself, actually. 
                                  N i c e  is rather over-rated. ❞

     THEN HE SEES IT , a change in complexion. It’s remarkable, as 
      though watching as sunlight hits a place that was dark for too long,
      watching it flower in colour and light. It makes that smile drop and
      then morph into a new one, a more subtle one, a more true one.
                                         E q u a l l y     a s    r a r e .

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I like cards against humanity because it’s offensive and because this is an actual review on their website they chose to publish:


Remember Me | Fay & Draco

aurxr| Fay Dunbar |



"You said it yourself you’re a sacrifice,
I’m not, I have a choice right now. And you have
to understand why I’ll make it.”

He needs me. It was her all this time? The person
who was good? But Fay wasn’t good, she was lost,
between fufilling life and seeking death. He promises.
He promises she won’t die, it hurts a lot.Like  a knife is 
stuck in her heart but if she lets it out she’ll die quicker,
like this is inveitable.

She goes in for the kill. —— Well not really.
It’s more of a sugar light kiss on the cheek
under the cool night air yet she feels unbearably hot.
It’s not meant to be romantic, it’s meant to show compassion, 
 She leans in. hands clasping for his back, as she 
englufs him in a hug. Before whispering into his ear.

"Something’s going to change tomorrow, I can tell but whatever 
it is, whatever you’re about to do; I have faith in you Malfoy.
I know’ll do it —— even if it bloody kills us! Just don’t end
up dead, because I um yeah.

            I believe Malfoy, I believe in you.”


     Grey settled on her steadily despite how much
     his voice had ridiculously been shaken. He didn’t
     realize it till they both were quiet, but his breath 
     was fast and panicked. Then she stepped up and
     he was trapped. He winced and her face became
     close and ——— she kissed him.
                                   His cheek, granted.
                                        But she kissed him.

     It defeated him. His shoulders finally collapsed 
     from the weight that had been on them all year.
     His head fell to his chest, his cheek still burning
     from where she left her mark. There wasn’t a
     trace of humor at all to be found on a face that
     belonged to a boy who had a leak in his heart.

     He didn’t even feel anything when her arms went
     around his lean form, pulled in slightly from the tree
     he had been pressing against, and into a hug. He
     didn’t feel anything but what he was endlessly
     d r o w n i n g. There was a CRACKLE  in the sky
     above ; Draco almost didn’t believe it was real, a
     mere figment of his imagination. After all, the boy
     of flames had been rained upon all year long. 
     However, his eyes drifted up and a single raindrop
     splattered against his eyebrow. Her words hit him
     next. They hit him, but he was LOST in them.

                   ❝ You’re not making any sense  ❞

    His voice was a mutter, his hands still at his sides.
    He didn’t hug. Never did — never will. Not even if
    it was likely to be the last he would ever have by
    the one girl the one girl alive anyway that he 
    trusted with the secret he dragged in his shadow
    for this entire year. Not even her. And her words
    didn’t make sense —- she knows she’ll do it? What?
    What was her assumptions?
    Why did she believe in the underdog?
    She knew this was murder, but did she understand?
                                                             No. She couldn’t.

    There was a storm coming down now, though. A
     light one. It was sure to build into something more.


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—☽ ☾—

Beth’s first impression of Hogwarts is that it is nothing
like her mother’s magic. Rosemary had been a timid
woman and her magic had been the same; Beth had
learned simple spells but knew nothing of hexes, curses,
or jinxes until she left the labs. She had thought magic to
be pure and beautiful, had not thought it to be dangerous.
She had been wrong. A war had ravaged the school and
these people and she had not been in it. Beth hadn’t even
thought such a thing to be possible. Oh, she was wrong.

She’s sorted into Slytherin when she enrolls. Bit of a
disappointment, really: Rosemary had been in Ravenclaw.
Beth had wanted to follow in her footsteps— but Arsenic is
strong within her and the hat chooses the house of snakes.
She’s left to find the common room herself and finds it
surrounded by people in emerald robes. A faint stench
stains the air and she recoils from it, disgusted. Could
her mother’s magic really produce pain and revulsion?

               “What’s going on?” She turns
               to the person closest to her.
               “Is something happening?”

「♕   ; ♢ —-

                     It was Monday, and that was one problem. No one liked
                     Mondays as far as Draco was aware. The second problem
                     was more of a constant problem —- prejudice. Against them.

                     The school had always loathed the House with SNAKES as
                     their mascot. Naturally — they had to pick an animal that
                     symbolized evil. Not only that, but they were left with the
                     history that labeled them before they spoke a word or had
                     a single thought. This was the house that was supposed to
                     hate and hiss and create havoc. This was the house that
                     was supposed to be better than everyone else and snicker
                     at other people’s problems. This year, it was the house that
                     huddled together when going down the hall, keeping their
                     words hushed, and avoiding the glares that came when their
                     emerald eyes were shown. THEY WERE THE TRAITORS.
                     They were the ones that survived when their families didn’t.
                     That wasn’t true. They had their loses. They had their struggles.
                     It was hard to find a Slytherin who was proud of what they did.
                     Crabbe would be one but he was stupidand dead. People 
                     would think Pansy was one, after all she stood up to send Potter
                     to his death —- no, she did what she felt she had to. To protect.
                     There was so many of them that tortured because they didn’t
                     have a choice. There were some that lived to regret almost
                     liking it. There were some honestly messed up kids. They were
                     kids. They were under pressure. There were excuses that would
                     not be listened to because every excuse was tossed aside. They
                     were HATED  by the school.
                                                                    Which brings the next problem

                       ❝ Some arsehat planted a dungbomb in here —
                                 you might want to leave until the smell does. ❞

                    Draco Malfoy’s voice was muffled as he brought his robes over
                    his pointed nose, silver eyes glaring in the direction that so many
                    were fleeing from. He nodded to the exit corridor where everyone
                    was heading instead. His blood was boiling beneath his skin. He
                    was sick of this —- the pranks, the hexes, the curses, all for a war
                    that was over. They survived it and this was their payment? 

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starmaidenastxria| Astoria Greengrass |


                     Of all her secrets, he had to find out about that. 
 And yet she found herself barely worried.
                     Everyone expected them to hook up anyway so
                     no surprises there. It wasn’t like they were meant
                     to do more than just hook up. Still though, this was an
                     interesting, unexpected turn of events. 
 She hadn’t been kissed like this before. Not 
                          by anyone she’d ever dated, not EVER.
                          And she highly doubted she ever would.
                          Her own eyes fell shut, finding it easy to just
                          lose herself in the kiss. Kissing him felt… nice.
                          Amazing even. She didn’t expect to feel so relaxed,
                          so at ease while kissing him. The question was no
                          longer if she liked kissing him or not. She knew the
                          answer to that one already. No, the real question was—-
                          had she always wanted to? Yes, she thought automatically. 
                          Yes she did, and it was all his fault. A pleased sigh escaped
                          her lips, running her hands down the front of his shirt. 
                          Merlin, he was good at this. 



  There was some heat in this kiss from their spitfire
   over such pointless things like games and faults.
   He didn’t ever want to stop kissing this girl, he decided.
   She was sweet wine, smooth to the taste. He drank her
   in, finding the curve of their lips were two puzzles that
   needed to meet for so long. As his eyes were closed,
   he found himself being lead though the dark in it, a 
   bright light behind eyelids that held the darkest images
   he thought so suddenly it made him pull back a degree,
   a breath gasping between them before he moved up 
   again. No,  he wouldn’t stop. Just one more.  .  . just
   another second —— minute ——- he could stop whenever
   he wanted to ; he didn’t want to stop soon.

      The sigh tickled his ears and caused a grin to come to his
       lips, spreading his lips to reveal a white grin. The hand 
       still tangled in her brunette locks, playing with every stand
       in his reach as the other one settled on her lower back, 
       pinching the fabric of her shirt and after a moment, began
       to slid it up some so his hand could press against her skin.

                  ❝ —- and here we were
                     playing a stupid boardgame.
                                            ——— G o d … 

ЅɴΑĸE  ТНΑТ WAS                  ❝  They thought I’d die 
  POΙЅOɴED                          in the attempt, 
ВY НΙЅ OWɴ VEɴOМ.                                but I’m here❞

✗ e x t r e m e l y book canon  & that’s the truth, son.
✗ somewhat selective because I’m cold-hearted and evil obviously
✗ Multi-verse   can do pre!war if planned / I work my muse to 
           &                fit your timeline I also have some insane AUs
   multi-fandom      that love attention including damned to the muggle
                                    world, safehouse hostage, and dark verse 
                                       VERSE PAGE IS HERE ) 
             warning: I ship chemistry I’ll also 
                              make you suffer a bit xoxo.
✗Writes para in ‘fancy format ’ , can do short threads to novellas
             ??? I dunno I write whatever happens to make it work.
✗ been rping for approximately 50000 years
✗ tags my things like nsfw such so that’s nice 
✗ I’m sort of evil but that’s okay so love me also I have a rad
theme that doesn’t have autoplay so ur safe <3
✗ did I mention I’m an Albus Dumbledore account, if so that’s a lie.
          I’m a liar .

♕ portkey ♕ owl ♕ about ♕ map

and my rules page is very important so please
read it and all it’s questions if you’re a real player

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mclxggen replied to your post: fuck i fucked up 

I’ll be there for youuuuu when you fail at things 😘 you are welcomeeeeeeee. This means you should love me now 5eva.

xx.  i have trust issues tho, u dont want my lovvee

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Harry Potter Magical Wand