i kind of want to make a giveaway where i pimp someone’s theme out because i want to pimp someones theme out but then i get lazy and how would i even do that ?

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I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough. —(x)
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when your roleplay partner responds to a thread with something angsty as hell


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( Eyes traveled back to the older man’s face, his
expression suddenly confusing her. It looked like
he was pleading for her answer.
The desperation in his eyes shocked her. She
definitely did not expect that.
—— Now, she is afraid. Is Draco even aware of the
nature of Rose & Scorpius’ relationship? She has
to choose her next words carefully. )


    “———— Sir, I did not mean to imply such things!
    Your son does not hate you! He does not have any
    attention to spite you, either!
    We were just looking for flats together! Hyperion——
    Damn it, I mean, Scorpius has never had any negative
    intentions behind his actions!”

[ All he wanted was to find his son,
    tell him that his mother wanted to
    talk to him about god-knows-what.
    Her shift ended after his and he 
    thought he had time  but it seemed
    what he needed was knowledge.

    Scorpius had another life. One he
    was neglected of knowing about.
    Astoria may or may not even know.
    He kept it a secret. He was losing
    his son and didn’t even realize. 

    With a great breath, he pinched
    the bridge of his nose as though
    it would put a halt to his racing
    thoughts. The organ in his chest
    felt rather dull right then. ]

❝ Right. He kept me in the dark so he
     wouldn’t spite me. Much better.

[  His hand dropped and fell into his
     pocket as he looked over the girl
    who probably knew his son better
    than he, Scorpius’s father, did.     ]

❝ You two .  .  .  are you  . .  . together? ❞


they brought up allison and i felt like someone plunged a knife in my chest ouch i wasnt prepared


stupid fucking teenagers fucking in their friends fucking house. don’t you watch horror movies ?? this is what happens. You chose fucking rather than watching Star Wars? this is what happens.

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xvdova: [Natasha Romanoff ]  


             ❝ Yes well —— I’m pretty sure I’d know a dragon
                   when I saw one. Then again, I have seen aliens
                   disguised as men, so I guess it’s a toss-up. ❞ 

     [ she’s smirking as though her words could be taken as
        either fact or fiction. and for all intents and purposes, she
        very well could be teasing — but she’s not. still, there’s
        something so fascinating about the unknown, and her
        drinking partner is surely that: some kind of mystery she
        has yet to solve — but intends to. it’s something about the
        way his eyes spark without catching fire, the way his tongue
        wraps around a phrase with just the hint of an edge. and
        she’s intrigued. it feels as though they stand on some pre-
        carious ledge, and she’s as yet unsure of what’s on either
        side. what she  does  know, without a doubt, is that draco
        is more than meets the eye.

        the clink of their glasses mixed with the look on his face
        brings a new kind of smile to her lips and natasha inclines
        her head as it grows even broader across her features. ] 

               ❝ I’ll definitely drink to that.

     [ it’s a sly kind of grin, a promise of mischief seemingly shared
        between them and she pulls her glass back and to her lips
        before taking a long drink, eyes ever on him. ]

「♕   ; ♢ —-

                     He waited until she took a drink , watching as her throat moved
                      to allow the liquid to go down. A second, two seconds… he checked
                      his drink one more time, swirled the firewhiskey around, glanced
                      at the bartender, then finally drank with her to basically being wicked
                      people, sending fear into the establishment by  b r e a t h i n g. 
                      She gave herself away,
                                                                  too used to people not taking her seriously,
                      but he could catch lies,
                                                                  he could also catch when people mingled
                                                                  the truth into a JOKE , hoping to watch people
                                                                  be ignorant with the information.
                      Draco grinned crookedly, only taking a sip from his drink before he
                      glanced swiftly around to all the faces, then fell back to a set of eyes
                      that were decorated with mascara-coated eyelashes.

                                              ❝ Yes, dragons have scaly skin.
                                                    How can you tell if someone
                                                    is an alien in disguise ?      ❞


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Neville merely hums in response,
not quite convinced that the kids
were quiet for that reason alone.
He’d heard ‘horror’ stories of the
homework they were given when
they slacked off, and while he 
didn’t particularly agree with that
kind of punishment in his own 
classes he couldn’t argue that
some kids needed more practice.

          ❝ —You know, 
               my mold has won awards, what
               has your stinky dungeon done for
               you these days? Besides smell
              odd which by the way, I mentioned
              to the headmistress, and she just
              smiled, so beware, I think they’re
               hiding something of Hagrid’s again.❞

He’s went off subject a bit,
but he thinks everyone should
be warned when Hagrid brings
something new, it’s never nice
being surprised by the newest 
monster when you’re out on
your rounds. 


          So? Am I supposed to be impressed?
                Your mold. We’re talking about MOLD.
                Is it not comprehending that it’s not
                something cool, here, or —-  ? ? ❞

On the topic that veered itself away
from the boring conversation, Malfoy’s
blond eyebrows rose in excitement as
a knowing SMIRK found its way on
his lips.

I know . .  .and I know what
    it is, too. It needs a potion in
    order to stay calm. It appears
    there is going to be some 
    project. Granted, I wish it
    wasn’t in the dungeons.

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Title: The Way I Am
Artist: Eminem
Played: 239 times

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imagine your icon trying to be your parent for a week

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ohrosieposie[ ROSE WEASLEY ]


It’s official. She has already pissed off Draco Malfoy. In a way,
her mere presence alone could probably piss him off. Maybe
she probably should have kept her big mouth shut. In her eyes,
there is no way she can make the situation better.

Clearing her throat, she bows her head, trying to avoid any
further eye contact.

    ❝I uh——— Scorpius——❞

The name doesn’t roll off her tongue, but she’s at least trying
to ignore the tension in the air.

    ❝We were at my parent’s place earlier. After that, I assumed
    he left to the Malfoy Manor. I doubt he actually went there, so I
    would check Diagon Alley.❞

❝ He was at your place? 
     He was….with…your
     family —? Is he trying
     to SPITE me or something?
     .  .  . does he hate me ?❞

 [ He’s serious, staring at her in desperation, needing 
     an answer. This isn’t making fun or hating her directly,
     he just knows if his son was THAT close to her family
     and didn’t bother telling him —- it meant lack of trust,
     and a lot of fear. He’s going somewhere Draco can’t. 
     His son’s name apparently was changed. Does his
     son hate him —- his family —- his life?   

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ᴘᴏsᴛ- sᴇᴄᴛᴜᴍsᴇᴍᴘʀᴀ

gxnevra[ GINNY WEASLEY ]



Realisation hit her hard as soon as her brain processed the
words she said. How could she possibly say something that
cruel out loud? To think of him badly was no crime, everyone did
that, but telling him to d i e? Her heart slumped right into the
black pit that now took up most of the space in her stomach
and she whimpered at her own words.

                                                         You deserve this.

She lowered herself to the level of her former tormentor.
Ginny was disgusted with herself in that moment but turning
into Mother Theresa seconds after would look ridiculous.

                                                           ❝I— I— fuck!

Her palm hit the wall in front of her and she felt so damn
weak. Not only   did she tell him   to die but she couldn’t
do anything to make up for it. After good ten seconds of
thoughts jumbling through her head and her regretting
what she had done and what she soon would do. A small
piece of fabric was ripped off her robe and now she was
running towards the nearest bathroom, soaking the cloth.
Her head was messed up in this moment.
     You’re no better than Him,

a little voice sounded from the back of her mind. Still shaking
she kneeled down next to him and laid the ripped robe-piece
on his forehead. She didn’t even dare to look him in the eyes,
emotions still flooding her whole body. It was prominently
shame and regret, and something was pulling her heartstrings.

                      ❝Make it easier for yourself and leave the corridors.
                         Do you know of any place I could justt leave you
                        alone to get yourself together? Because that’s what
                         you want, I guess.

Draco Malfoy could count on one hand how
many times he had spoken to the Weaselette.
It was probably less than four. None of them
were pleasant. First time was a bookstore and
his father got in a fight with her father minutes
afterward. Last time was when she hexed the
living snot out of him —-literally. Now she was
actually being blunt & right about him …  seeing
him at his weakest and managing to rip open
more wounds inside him where Sectumsempra
                        could never reach.

Slumping against the wall caused him to hiss
as the grey brick dug into his wounded arm. He
couldn’t find the energy to move. He just let her
words echo in his mind, having a feeling her voice
would continue through many years to come.
           You deserve this.
                   You deserve this.

It was draining him and maybe that was the only
reason that Snape had miraculously saved him.
Otherwise, he would be gone in another minute.
He was alive for some reason. Was it only so
Potter’s innocence could be intact and Draco
would end up dying at another hand? He had
to live with this pain —— there was more to come.

The girl was still there. He could see her leg in
front of him. He heard her slap against the wall
and cuss —- probably disappointed she wasn’t
witty enough for more painful words in response.
Then, she left. He was glad. He was lonely. He
closed his eyes, telling himself 'One more second' 
so he could have the energy to get get his feet and
climb the stairs…. go back to the Room of Requirement.
Good plan.

             He stirred, hearing the sound of footsteps
against a hard floor. GET UP. GET UP.He didn’t.
Then, he felt some wet cloth on his forehead and
he shuddered. He pulled away and hit his head 
against the stone. There was his motivation,
having his last trauma involve water and blood
around him. As though his legs were lead, it
was difficult standing. He managed it. He glared
at her, registering her words and looking insane.

❝ Yes, I know a place. ❞

A deep breath, he was still shivering as he fixed
his tie and though his world beneath his feet was
spinning, he managed to walk past her down the
corridor, not giving her any explanation she didn’t
deserve in his eyes. Noble Gryffindors…telling you
to DIE, then try and save you….p a t h e t i c .

And yes, he muttered that under his breath.

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brightestmalfoy[ ARA MALFOY ]


 Ara looked up from her book, a
 small smile gracing her features.


"I’m researching Seeker techniques,
 I mean there isn’t much else except
 be aware of your surroundings. So,
 I suppose I’m doing good … and
 w h a t e v e r .”

❝I’ve come at a good time.  ❞

[ Mr. Malfoy comes into the room and wanders
    over to where his daughter is, carried by a
    swelling heart over the fact his daughter has
    her priorities right —— just her wit wrong —— ]

❝ Oh, dear, you call yourself a Ravenclaw…
     No, it’s not just about surroundings. No.
     Major factor, really, but there is technique.
     Have you ever done the Wronski Feint? ❞



Her son was now working in a hospital.  Quite surprisingly, too.  But she knew Draco’s marks from school.  They’d always been high, as was expected of him.  Perhaps she pushed him too much in his youth?  Or not enough.  Did he still think of his parents in their empty nest syndrome?  Narcissa wasn’t sure she should ask.

“As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”  She knew they had quite the reputation, and the past was a difficult thing to erase, especially for people like them.   It was especially hard on her, for she never could let the past rest where it should be.  “I know Severus was a difficult teacher.  He’s always been a difficult person,” she chuckled.  “But I suppose he taught you well enough, right?”  Narcissa quirked a brow.  “Do you work in the basement of the hospital or what do you mean?”  She wasn’t familiar with every single floor of St. Mungo’s, as she rarely had the need to go there for something.  Not that Draco needed to know about that.

“How is Nott?”  She remembered how the two boys grew up together.  “You two were destined for great things, and that is exactly where you landed,” she said, rubbing his shoulder.

On the subject of Lucius, she looked away.  “Your father…well…I can hardly say about him,” she said.  “We’ve grown distant over the years, to be quite frank.  I figured you should know.  He has his own life, and I have mine.”  Narcissa bit her lower lip.  “I do worry for him.  And for you.”

「♕   ; ♢ —- 

As long as you’re happy … 
Odd, he typically heard those words pertaining to HOLIDAYS and ways
he could prove to get greedy with gifts. The context had never been in
his life. Usually it was words twisted into knots that took form in the 
muscles on his back —- get good grades, be better than your best,
and words trying to boost some sort of motivation in him by ways of
making him panic. He grew up insecure, not believing he was good
enough — that he was only a child meant for mistakes. It made him
grit his teeth together past the forced and weak grin on his face. He
ignored the statement, basically throwing it over his shoulder.

❝ Snape was a marvelous teacher. ❞ He replied, playing with his
fingers as a nervous habit. It was too calm in here, too polite. In the
world outside this manor, his tone was laced with venom. He wouldn’t
do that with his mother. It was different; he didn’t know how to be warm.

❝ He made Potion’s a form of art from day one. As for St. Mungos, there
      is a room away from the patients. It feels underground but the way
      St. Mungos works, It could be anywhere. Nott is an imbecile as always
      but he manages to come off professional in front of those who matter.
      It’s a remarkable transition, really.❞

A short laugh escaped him as he though about his best friend.
Though, he shouldn’t so into detail about him for Theo’s sake.
He felt her touch his shoulder and he very nearly slapped her
off him from near shock. Instead, he tensed and relaxed just
as quickly. He wasn’t used to people touching him and he was
rather jumpy from it. He had been grabbed from behind and
slammed against a wall from those that remembered him. It
typically wasn’t caring when people did it —- unless it was
ignorant woman at bars. They always reached for his arm,
which wasn’t a wise move either. Consider him sensitive.

He shouldn’t be. The war left him feeling tainted beyond reason.
He was fine on the outside —- good posture, despite how his job
seemed to get jokes about being a hunchback in a few years from
leaning over he was good at keeping his back straight ; His skin
was clean, his hair was always in a perfect state, and when he grinned,
which was rare, it seemed effortless. Oh, how they didn’t know how much
he worked to keep it that way —- his appearance. He felt like someone
who was taken apart piece by piece only to be sewed together.

Now his mother was touchy about his father and it made his
eyes widen slightly. ❝ Are you two separated now .  .  . ? ❞

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